Primary Aluminium rolls

Primary 99.7 aluminum roll 1070 for remelting and extrusion

1. Thickness from 7 to 9mm

2. Coil width: 1200~1350mm

3. Coil's standard dia: 1000mm 

4. Weight: about 2MT per coil  or by buyer's option



*Such coil is specially designed to replace aluminum ingot, due to the high export tax of aluminum ingot, the coil has better price than ingot.

*This type of coil can fit customer's remelting furnace just like ingot, no need to make any change to the production line that was previously used for ingot. The standard coil size and weight is very suitable for the feed gate of furnace.

*This type of coil causes less material wastage than ingot when remelted.

*Our coil is made directly from ore, no need to go though the ingot making process, quality is much better than other suppliers who use ingot scrap to make coil.

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