Different classification method of alloy sheet

In front of the main introduction of the classification of aluminum plate has been used, today is a general introduction to the classification of aluminum alloy. : aluminium alloy as main alloy elements can be divided into 2 * * * series, this is Al Cu alloy aluminum; 3 * * * series, aluminum manganese alloy aluminum; 4 * * * series, aluminum silicon alloy aluminum; 5 * * *, aluminium magnesium alloy aluminum; 6 * * * series, aluminum magnesium silicon alloy aluminum. Two: if the alloy aluminum alloy plate can be divided into two yuan alloy aluminum, three alloy aluminum, aluminum alloy and aluminum alloy sheet, etc.. Three: alloy aluminum alloy plate by heat treatment can strengthen can be divided into can heat treatment to strengthen the alloy aluminum alloy aluminum and can not heat treatment strengthening alloy aluminum plate.

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